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Previous planning studies related to the Downtown include the 2006 Downtown Master Plan and the 2040 Community Plan. The 2022 Downtown Plan will both update the 2006 Plan and follow adopted 2040 Plan policies and action priorities. The 2022 Downtown will be reviewed by the Huntersville Planning Board and eventually considered for adoption by the Huntersville Town Board of Commissioners. The Plan is expected to be completed by summer 2022. 

As we move forward, PLEASE STAY INVOLVED!! This website will be updated regularly, and new information will be posted here as soon as it becomes available. You will also be able to attend or watch Downtown Plan Steering Committee Meetings on the Town’s Facebook page. There will also be three Public Forums (January 27th, March 24th, and May 26th) where citizen input will be encouraged.


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Detailed Project Phases

Phase 1: Discovery

1. Town Data, File & Document Materials Request List

2. Project Management & Communications Plan

3. Downtown Context Plan (per Project Scope Plan)

4. Preliminary Assessment Compendium (per Infrastructure, Land Use/Urban Design, &

Economic Development Summary Reports)

a) Executive Summary

b) Narrative Overview & Recommendations

c) Annotated Diagram Layer Stack Analysis

d) Supporting Graphic Exhibits & Tables

5. Infrastructure Assessment Summary Report:

a) Transportation

b) General Infrastructure Systems

c) Environment & Open Space

6. Land Use / Urban Design Summary Report:

a) Adopted Town Documents, Ordinance & Policies

b) Urban Design Guidelines

c) Existing Land Use and Development Typologies, Form & Program

7. Economic Development Summary Report:

a) Existing Ownership & Development Activity Patterns

b) Market Study

Phase 2: Organizing Principles & Alternative Futures

  • Organizing Principles Charter Document

  • Typological Case Study/Precedents


  • 2.2.1 Identification: Designations & Approaches

  • 2.2.2 Alternative Futures & Comparative Analysis - DRAFT (Public Forum)

Phase 3: Final Strategy & Master Plan

  • Master Development Strategy Compendium – DRAFT (Public Forum)

  • Master Development Strategy Compendium – FINAL (Post-Public Forum)


  • Master Plan & Development Program - DRAFT (Public Forum)

  • Master Plan & Development Program - FINAL (Post- Public Forum)


Non-Linear Services

Upon authorization by the Town per mutual agreement of scope; estimated fee not to exceed

$5,000 per each Specific Project Review or Site Study conducted.

  • Projects selected for individual study have not yet been selected.